Blabbing about being blue

This post was meant to be an update on how blue I’d started feeling again, but the mopey days came and went so quickly that I didn’t get around to posting while I was feeling blue. I’m back in happy mode, but felt the need to document it anyway.

To be fair, it was more of a mopey grey than proper blue. I guess I’m getting so attuned to my feelings that I freak out every time I start to get a bit down and diognose myself with full blown depression. Ever the drama queen.

Anyway, I think I’ve pinned down a few of the causes of my low mood:

  • First up, our weekend away to Queenstown (which was amazing by the way – I’ll post about it later), but I ate like shit all weekend and had crappy sleep on a shitty mattress, and of course travelling in general is a bit stress inducing.
  • Couple that with reading Caroline Knapp’s Drinking: A Love Story, which I’m finding extremely triggery and have had to stop and start reading several times.
  • Plus Louis Theroux’s Drinking to Oblivion doco, which I found quite scary and left me thinking “what if I try, and try, and try to live my life happy and sober, but eventually end up like poor Aurelie?”… “What if no matter how hard I try I’ll eventually be worn down and sucked into the vortex of alcoholism because it’s ultimately more powerful than me”. Thinking in extremes probably isn’t doing me any favours in the mood department.

As soon as I began to feel a bit mopey I went straight back to basics. Ate a tonne of healthy food – veges, salmon, brown rice – cut down on my sugar intake, tired myself out by working hard, slept well, drank water, read feel-good articles, had some deep and meaningful convos, and said “no” to going out. And the blues breezed back out of my life as quickly as they’d come in.

Three cheers for self care!

And three cheers for sober treats – these are Celosia – they look like hot pink fuzzy brains; my favourite flowers:

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